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15 things why the Japanese are so slim

Ever wondered how Asian guys and gals can be so very slim? Youtuber Komori814 shares some insight about Japanese life style which she hopes you can adapt to your own life to help you lose some weight and keep it off.

Here are 15 things she teaches us about Japanese life style:

1. We love fish. Some scientific research suggests that fish oil can help keep people slim.
2. We love white rice. People who prefer to eat bread over whole grains don’t just eat the bread but they also add something that can make one fat, like cheese, butter or jam.
3. We use less oil in cooking. When cooking we like to boil things in water. Only one teaspoon of oil contains 110 kcal.
4. We like to use the train. We go everywhere by train. In order to use the train we have to walk to the station and get up and down the stairs. It can be really good exercise.
5. Our summer is so hot! It’s so hot that we lose our appetite.
6. The Japanese central heating system is very poor. Japanese houses are very cold and so our bodies must work extra to keep ourselves warm.
7. We go shopping every day. Everything in our environment is very small: land, house, rooms, fridge… So we love to go shopping. Shopping is good exercise because you have to carry plastic bags around and walk.
8. We eat lots of vegetables.
9. Our sweets are very healthy. We prefer rice cakes and rice crackers over cookies and cakes. They contain less sugar, oil and butter but are really tasty.
10. We drink green tea. When Wasterners drink tea or coffee they add sugar and milk but the Japanese never add anything to green tea.
11. We don’t have tumble-dryer machines. We have to hang the laundry to dry and it can be really good exercise.
12. We don’t have dishwashing machines. I have to wash dishes three times a day!
13. Supermarket groceries are packed in very small packets, like only 1 avocado per packet, 3 tomatoes per packet, only 200-300 grams (7-10 oz) of meat per packet. The amounts of food we buy are very small.
14. Portions even at McDonald’s are very small. Burgers are small, fries are small, even Coke is small.
15. We don’t enjoy only the food but the appearance of food as well. Everything in Japan is very small but also very pretty. We enjoy the food also with our eyes and nose and we enjoy eating very small bite-sized pieces. We like to eat small portions often rather than big portions less often.



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