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I hated smoothies but changed my mind…

… after I learned to make smoothies without a blender!

If you have ever stumbled upon any vegan food blog or recipe site you have probably already noticed that smoothies are everywhere. Vegans are crazy about smoothies. Everybody seems to be making them. Some people even replace meals with them and are all over the place about how healthy smoothies are and how you should consume them too.

Well I tried but never quite got the point. I had never tasted a proper smoothie, let alone a green smoothie, in my life. I had only tried those ready-made smoothies from supermarkets and those tasted like normal juice… Nothing special really and oh, I hate juice because it’s way too sweet to my taste. Green smoothies on the other hand just sound weird and unappetizing. They are smoothies made of salad or other vegetables. Sometimes they are mixed with fruit. Sure does not sound like anything tasty to me!

To even start making one’s own smoothies one must have a powerful blender like a Vitamix. But those don’t come cheap. The cheapest Vitamix model costs over $200 and even much cheaper (and much less powerful) blenders cost at least $100. I had never had a blender and investing in one seemed like a gamble because how can I ever be certain if I am even going to use it because I had never tried making smoothies before? Also wouldn’t want to invest in a crappy blender either. It always annoyed the crap out of me to read vegan food blogs and notice that 90% of all recipes required a powerful blender…

One day I read about green smoothies and their amazing health benefits from a vegan blog and wanted to try a green smoothie detox. But I still had no blender so I decided to try making smoothies with my inexpensive hand-blender.

Well that didn’t work at all! I managed to break THREE hand-blenders before giving up completely. Hand-blenders just werent powerful enough. My spinach leaves just got stuck in the blades and I had to cut them with scissors to remove them. Also the resulting ”smoothie” was more like a cold vegetable soup with no seasoning. Yuck.

So I gave up on smoothies completely… until I visited a newly opened raw food café in my city. They offered fresh smoothies made-on-order and I tried one… and really liked it! It was nothing like those overly sugary supermarket smoothies. It was silky and tasty and oh so fresh. So I decided to give smoothies a second chance and visited a smoothie café. This one had a huge menu of all kinds of different smoothies and I chose the weirdest green smoothies which contained pear, kale, mango, seaweed and spirulina (kind of algae). I LOVED them! They were so good that I just wanted to sit there all day long sipping different smoothies.

At home I tried making smoothies without a blender once more. I managed to develop some combinations which were possible to make with only an inexpensive hand-blender. I have been making them ever since and am loving them!

NONE of my smoothie recipes in this blog require a blender like a Vitamix!

Smoothies do NOT have to be complicated or yucky sugary. Trust me, those pre-packaged and pasteurazed ”smoothies” in supermarkets and health food stores have nothing to do with freshly made smoothies. With my simple recipes you can start making your own today and you only need an inexpensive hand-blender! You do need to chop the ingredients in cubes first though so you need a sharp kitchen knife and a cutting board too because a hand-blender is not powerful enough to process whole fruits or salad leaves. But fortunately it only takes a couple of minutes of your time!

Here’s my favourite simple and inexpensive smoothie recipe for you to try. More to come later!

– 1 apple
– 1 mango or papaya
– handful of spinach
– 2 desilitres (1 cup) of water

How to prepare:
Chop everything and add to a bowl, or preferably a tall jug or glass (this is much easier to make in one of those, refer to picture below). Add water and blend with a hand-blender until smooth.





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