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The easiest and fastest way to kick-start your new plant-based diet

You are interested in adapting the plant-based (vegan) diet but don’t really know where to start… does this sound familiar? Don’t worry. In this article I will share a very simple yet effective way to kick-start your new path.

Your kitchen is probably stocked up with all kinds of stuff unsuitable to healthy plant-based diet. You have milk, cheese, ham, eggs, pastries, bisquits, chocolate, freezer full of meat, pizza, chicken nuggets etc. You spent lots of money on these products and you think to yourself: “I will consume these first because I spent big money on them. THEN I will go vegan.”

But going vegan just never happens because you always have some non-vegan products left. And you keep pushing and pushing starting your vegan diet and healthier lifestyle because of this. Things get complicated and overwhelming in your mind and you keep buying non-vegan products. Eventually you forget the whole thing and go on with your old habits. Then one day you realize that you STILL are not vegan and you STILL have done nothing to start eating healthier and you get disappointed in yourself. You might think again: “I want to get healthy, but I have spent big money on all these products…” And the whole circle starts again.

My advice is this: Do not push back starting eating healthy. Just do it. Do it all at once.

My advice is to one day make a decision to go vegan and then get rid of all non-vegan unhealthy products all at once. Simply put: just throw everything away or give everything to someone else. The point is to clean your kitchen so that you can start from a clean table. After you have done this go to a grocery shop and only buy healthy vegan produce and stock up your kitchen again. But first get rid of everything else.

I call this The Tumble Technique. Because when you want to change something it’s better to just take a tumble and turn everything upside down. This way you can have a clean fresh start and the temptation will not be there. Make a decision and act on it.

If you keep pushing and pushing forward the day you go vegan you end up never doing it. And if you just hide everything away in your cupboard you will still be conscious of all the chocolate and bisquits and cheese and when you are tired and cranky (what you eventually will be, epecially if you work long days and have kids) it’s very easy to reach your hand and BAM you are back to your old habits.

If you are new to veganism everything will feel different and a bit complicated at first. It’s very easy to sabotage everything with little things like this. That’s why you will have to throw everything away. Don’t think about the money lost, your new lifestyle is worth it and it will pay everything back. Also, re-stocking yor kitchen with vegan stuff won’t be expensive at all.

Now that you have thrown everything away, then what? Don’t worry, we will get to that soon. :3

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